lfastreet has launched its VIP chair, a specially designed chair with ultimate comfort and many additional features like electrical adjustment, chilled or heated glass holder, food tray, wireless charger, among other features.
The supplier said it has been cooperating with several reputable chair manufacturers to be able to provide just the right chair for each of its many different products, “yet the latest one feels a bit more special,” the company said.

“This chair is designed for a true VIP player that appreciates the additional level of service behind the gaming station. To be able to successfully promote such a product, we had to offer truly the best on the market, as anything less would be quickly rejected by the most demanding customers,” Alfastreet said in a press release. For that reason, it created a partnership with Patir, which provided Alfastreet with “a perfect chair” to be modified and combined with its station, and sold as the Alfastreet VIP chair.
Patir is a very famous company in the chairs industry and numerous reputable casinos around the world recognized their quality by being exclusive to their products. “In Alfastreet, we are very proud of putting this deal together and we are more than excited to promote and install this product with our customers. Anyone who wished to show appreciation to their best players and to make sure they are 100% relaxed and rested during their gaming session, will have to look for a product like Alfastreet VIP chair,” the company concluded.


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