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Day: February 11, 2021

Clarion introduces algorithm-based program to scientifically match buyers with sellers


larion Gaming has confirmed the development of ICE Connect, an invitation-only Executive Summit program that uses algorithms to scientifically match qualified, senior-level decision-makers who have both buying power and immediate requirements with industry-leading solution providers.
ICE Connect is being curated by California-based Quartz Events, which was acquired by Clarion in 2020 and is the fastest-growing producer of invitation-only executive summits, with 80% of Fortune 100 companies participating in their events last year.
ICE Connect will run 21 June – 25 June (Europe focus) and 28 June – 2 July (North America focus), with a repeat of this schedule taking place in the Autumn.
Expanding on an initiative that will help the international gaming community navigate the challenges presented by Covid-19 and beyond, Stuart Hunter, Managing Director, Clarion Gaming, said: “It’s been a full year since the international industry last came together at ICE London, and as a team we share the frustration at the continued absence of live events. Event organizers such as ourselves serve as facilitators of opportunity, and I believe that ICE Connect represents the most advanced and powerful opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet in the digital space.”
Outlining how ICE Connect works, he explained: “Qualified delegate attendees from operating companies complete a detailed registration questionnaire, which drills into specific industry challenges and upcoming project needs. The model, which has been successfully developed by Quartz, uses highly sophisticated matching algorithms, ranking, and scheduling software, to match the operators with relevant, industry-leading solution providers who can solve their challenges and help them run their operations more efficiently. As a result, both delegates and solution providers spend 100% of their time in meaningful and productive meetings. In addition, we will also be producing a world-class ‘solutions-focused’ educational program.”
He continued: “From a solution provider standpoint every detail is handled by the ICE Connect team, with a scheduled program issued three weeks ahead of the event, and a PDF meetings’ agenda and contact database provided a fortnight before the event ‘opens’. This represents a highly efficient way for sellers to connect with really senior, serious, and relevant buyers. I am certain that the experience and expertise of Quartz aligned to the insight of the Clarion Gaming team will deliver an exciting new approach to conducting business and one that will prove to be invaluable to all sectors of the industry.”
“Our strategy moving forward is to develop the ICE Connect model and align it with our commitment to live events, enabling us to adopt an agile year-round response to the commercial needs of the industry, and to satisfy demand from all regions of the gambling landscape. There’s nothing like this that’s available in the gaming world.”


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MGM reports revenues down 53% to close out 2020, looks to BetMGM for future

While 2020 was undeniably a bad year, MGM Resorts managed to just barely beat expectations with their Q4 financial report. Huge declines were bolstered by a few bright points of optimism for the future.Overall, MGM reported a 53% decline in revenue for the quarter, still seeing the effects of Covid-19 at all of their brick-and-mortar locations. Revenue was down to $1.5 billion, dropping from $3.2 billion for the prior year’s last quarter.Overall, that resulted in an operating loss of $364 million, down from the income of $3 billion in 2019.The company noted optimistically at the top of their report that it’s recovery will be led by local casinos, rather than vacation destinations like Las Vegas or Macau. But Bill Hornbuckle, Chief Executive Officer and President, talked up BetMGM as the real excitement driving the company to recovery. “BetMGM gained significant market share throughout 2020 while successfully launching in seven new states. We expect to be in 20 markets by the end of the year, and are very pleased with the January launches in Iowa, Michigan, and Virginia.”Breaking down the company’s revenue woes, Las Vegas locations saw a decline of 66%, Macau 58%, and all other U.S. locations 34%.For the full year, MGM came in at a net revenue of $5.2 billion, 60% down from 2019’s $12.9 billion. That resulted in a net loss of $1 billion, down from 2019’s $2 billion net income. Despite a bit of a bounce back in the last quarter, previous quarters were simply too devastating to the bottom line.MGM beat expectations, but just barely. Analysts had hoped to see revenues of at least $1.47 billion, a number the operator barely cleared.The results were announced after the western markets had closed on February 10, so it’s still too soon to know how investors will react. After-hour trading shows MGM will see a couple of points drop at least, suggesting MGM’s recent rise from $28.56 to $36.47 was buying the rumor, and now everyone’s selling the news.MGM China, which also reported revenues to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, beat expectations. It announced adjusted property earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of HKD367.2 million ($47.4 million) for the quarter. Analysts suggested the eastern-wing of the company

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Beaver Creek (Colo), Discrimination, National Ski Patrol, Nevada, Skiing, Snowboarding, Vail (Colo), Volunteers and Community Service, Women and Girls
A Surge of Women in Ski Patrols, Once Nearly All Men

They have endured the indignity of being addressed in their uniforms as “he” or “sir’’ at first blush and at times sexism, too, when injured skiers balk at a woman taking charge of getting them down the mountain on a rescue toboggan.But as the number of women in ski patrols has increased, so has acceptance that the service, a network of volunteer and professional organizations nationwide dominated by men for decades, is finally catching up to the times.Kari Brandt, 33, a ski patroller in Nevada, recalled a recent rescue of a 250-pound injured man, who did a double-take upon her arrival, but didn’t utter a complaint as she directed his transport down a mountain on a toboggan.“That was one where I told the other patrollers, ‘I’m taking this toboggan.’ They nodded and said, ‘Yes, you are,’” said Brandt, the ski patrol director at Diamond Peak Ski Resort in Incline Village, Nev., and the founder of a group aimed at growing the number of women in the industry. “None of the guests opposed. They didn’t fight back because they could tell I was in charge.”Taylor Parsons, 29, joined the Diamond Peak patrol this season, partly because she had heard accolades about Brandt.“It empowers other women to join when the highest person up is a woman,” Parsons said. “I feel confident around Kari. She rips on her skis and knows exactly what she’s doing in the medical field. It’s inspiring. It definitely makes me want to be better and keep going with it.”Parsons, a snowboarder, was recently working on the mountain when she was flagged down by a father skiing with his young daughter.“He said, ‘I just want to tell you that my daughter wants to switch to snowboarding now, after seeing you,’ ’’ Parsons said the father told her. “‘She thinks it’s so cool a girl can do snowboarding and also do ski patrol.’ That makes you want to keep going just to inspire other little girls.”Ski patrollers, regarded as among the best skiers and snowboarders around, are not only emergency medical workers who treat and transport sometimes severely injured people. Their duties can also include hauling and placing heavy materials like fences, signs and equipment for lift towers and deploying explosives to lessen avalanche dangers. Larger resorts employ dozens of paid patrol members, but thousands serve as volunteers.Either way, men have dominated the ranks but there has been an uptick in the number of women, who now account for 23 percent of the 31,027 patrollers nationwide, up from 19 percent in 2007, according to membership surveys and registration with the National Ski Patrol, the organization that provides most training to people in the service.“There are high expectations for ski patrol, whether that’s physical or mental toughness, emotional intelligence or problem solving on-the-spot,” said Addy McCord, the ski patrol director at Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado. “When there are women on a team like this, it lends an important voice and perspective to the job. I can say that having women on patrol keeps everyone connected. Men muscle their way through the job and women do it with finesse.”McCord, one of the longest-standing professional patrollers in the industry, has been with the Beaver Creek Patrol for 40 years. When she started in 1981, there were only two other women. Now, women make up nearly one-third of her team of more than 60 patrollers.“There is no doubt that I see this trend continuing,” McCord said. “It’s important for women to see themselves represented on patrol and in leadership roles on the mountain. Having not only women, but diversity in perspectives, has elevated this entire team.”In 1985, when Julie Rust began patrolling at the nearby Vail Ski Resort, there was a similar dearth of women on the squad. When she became patrol director in 2001, she and McCord struck an immediate bond and forged ahead together as trailblazers.“The fact that there were two of us in the room, we had each other to lean on,” Rust said, recalling her early days at regional director meetings.“She and I were facing things with a different perspective than others in the industry,’’ she added. “We quietly redirected the meetings, ensuring that everyone’s time was well spent. We were on the periphery, but along the way, it ended up we were in the middle of the group.”The female ski patrollers in leadership positions said they encourage stronger communication, creative approaches to physical tasks and improved teamwork. They said they seek alternatives to scolding errant skiers like taking on a calm, conversational tone rather than yelling.Although they are as thorough as men in directing training, they said they seek to be more patient and accommodating of rookies.“A range of learning styles is how everyone is going to become the most capable patroller possible,” said Shannon Maguire, assistant patrol director at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. “Retaining females helps retain additional females.”Linda Barthel, a 30-year volunteer patroller at Michigan’s Mt. Brighton and former women’s program adviser to the National Ski Patrol, agreed.“Taking a high-level mogul clinic from an instructor that was also 5-foot-2 was an absolute inspiration; I was ready to follow her anywhere on the mountain,” Barthel said. “As a patroller, we are expected to transport injured guests of any size in a toboggan. During one of my toboggan evaluations, I watched a fellow female candidate — the only other woman in the group — negotiate the loaded sled through a different route than the guys were using, working smarter, not harder. I saw and said, ‘I can do that,’ and I did.”Kolina Coe, 30, remembers her first day on patrol 12 years ago at the Northstar Resort in California at age 18. She said she was nervous about meeting the physical demands of the job and “being surrounded by strong men who were a foot taller.”She rode up the lift with another equally panicked female rookie. By the time they reached the top, they had shaken off their reservations and began diving into the work of setting up fences and tower pads.Now, Coe is the assistant patrol director at Northstar and pro liaison for the National Ski Patrol’s Women’s Program. Even with her long braid, she is often referred to as “sir” by injured skiers and encounters distrust from some patients she has to transport down the mountain. Still, she says gender barriers in the industry are unquestionably collapsing.“As our culture continues to push the needle on social norms, women empower each other and men advocate for their female counterparts,” Coe said. “Whether it’s on ski patrol or in the White House, we’ll continue to see more glass ceilings shattered as this perspective shifts. There’s been a wake-up call that women are just as strong and capable as men.”

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Warning for ignition poker players

I had my poker account disabled on the client for some unknown reason and I wanted to get into contact with the Ignition support team to help me resolve it. I get on the website, go down to the help section and find the live chat assistance and get matched up with a guy who spends a couple minutes with me saying “how are you doing” and “can I have you date of birth” before he just leaves the chat. After that I tried to find another live chat assistant and apparently that was the only guy on schedule and I think well maybe its bad luck. Hours later and still nobody working. They also have an option to find help from similar situations on the forum, but guess what? Their forum doesn’t exist anymore or maybe there wasn’t one in the first place.I then try to call them on their support phone number and after getting through the automated portion they added in a new part saying that due to covid-19 they aren’t offering phone services anymore. What in the world? How do they handle customer service issues for all the people that don’t like emailing them and waiting days for a email back?I wanted to write this out because I looked in past posts about ignition account disabling and it seemed like quite a few people had major problems getting good customer service, some had funds recovered and some didn’t. Idk what ignition is going through to not be able to afford phone reps but just seemed super strange.TLDR: ignition customer service is very understaffed/not staffed at times and they laid off their entire phone reps too.Also does anyone else have problems with multiple copies of ignition lobby running in the background? I close the app but look in task manager to like 4-6 of them lagging the hell out of my pc. I’m probably going to be moving away from this soon tbh.

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5Dimes, International
5Dimes Takes A Major Step Towards Legitimacy With Isle Of Man Gaming License


Receiving permission to enter legal gambling markets after years of black market operations is extremely difficult. That hasn’t stopped one of the world’s largest offshore sportsbooks from trying.
5Dimes, formerly based in Costa Rica, has just scored a massive victory in that effort. The company announced on Wednesday that it has received a gaming license from the Isle of Man Supervision Commission.
It will now relaunch its international product from that jurisdiction. The Isle of Man itself is a tiny market, with a population of less than 100,000. However, its Supervision Commission has international recognition. Whereas Costa Rican sites are effectively unregulated, an Isle of Man license is an assurance to other countries that the operator is playing by the rules.
“This licensure is an exciting milestone for the 5Dimes brand,” said Laura Varela, speaking for the company’s Board of Directors. “The Isle of Man is a Tier-1 jurisdiction, known for its advanced approach to gambling and e-gaming legislation and its exceptional reputation in the international gaming community. The Isle of Man sets high standards for its gaming operators and players, and we look forward to upholding the same level of principles and innovation with the launch of 5Dimes.”
Varela is the widow of the company’s founder, William Sean “Tony” Creighton. Tragically, he was kidnapped in 2018 and later found murdered.
Creighton’s death left the company in Varela’s hands. It’s under her leadership that 5Dimes began to try to clean up its act. This began with a settlement made with the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, to the tune of $46.8 million.
Initial skepticism may still prove warranted
The key in all of this is that Varela herself hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing. In fact, an investigation by US authorities found that she had no part in the company’s black market operations while Creighton was at the helm. Moreover, she entered into the settlement arrangement with the Pennsylvania authorities of her own volition.
That fact forms the basis on which Varela is attempting to steer the company towards legitimacy. Regulatory bodies vary in the extent to which they separate companies from the people who run them. Some take the position that a company’s misdeeds will follow it no matter who is at the helm. However, others are more receptive to the idea that a change in leadership can wipe the slate clean.
5Dimes suddenly stopped taking bets from US customers at the beginning of September last year. This turned out to be related to the settlement the company paid to the Pennsylvania authorities. In return for admitting to the company’s misdeeds and paying the fine, Varela received immunity from further prosecution – for herself and the company – for any crimes committed prior to September 30. US customers received instructions to withdraw their funds prior to that date.
There are still causes for concern, however. Back in September, there were reports from some US-based customers that 5Dimes representatives had directed them to another offshore site, BetAnySports. This company offers a near-identical set of products, right down to a large portion of the copy on its website. Meanwhile, 5Dimes continues to serve many gray market countries, despite having pulled out of the US and a handful of other regulated jurisdictions.
These residual stains don’t seem to have impacted its ability to get a license in the Isle of Man. Other regulators may see things differently, however.
Not all offshore regulators are equal
To someone unfamiliar with the industry, switching from Costa Rica to the Isle of Man may not seem like a big deal. Both are, in some sense, “offshore” regulatory jurisdictions. Neither can serve US customers legally, as states require companies to host their servers locally.
However, when it comes to offshore regulators, there is enormous variation in terms of level of oversight.
Costa Rica falls at one end of the extreme. Though many companies claim to be “licensed” in the country, there is in fact no such thing as a Costa Rican gaming license. Companies will pay a small amount – $4500 up front and $1950 per year – to register in the country. However, they have no oversight whatsoever, and pay no taxes so long as they don’t serve Costa Rican customers.
At the opposite extreme are the Isle of Man and Malta. They have each made a commitment to providing strict oversight to online gambling companies. That, combined with favorable tax rates, have turned international online gambling into a major industry for them. In September 2012, they pushed further in establishing their trustworthiness by entering a mutual data sharing agreement. Through this, they’ve each improved their regulatory standards, and developed the ability to assist each other in investigations.
Not every legal online gambling country insists that servers be hosted locally. Those that allow reputable, regulated offshore sites to operate tend to look for licenses from the Isle of Man and Malta. Virtually every company you’ll see operating legally in the US will have a license in one or both of these places, if it serves international customers. This includes Flutter, Entain, 888 Holdings and their various brands, among others.
PokerStars was the exception that proves the rule
After settling with US authorities, 5Dimes claimed it would apply for a New Jersey license. It hasn’t received one yet, but it hasn’t been formally rejected either. It’s unclear whether the application was ever filed, if it is still pending, or has been withdrawn.
5Dimes is popular because it has favorable lines and a good reputation compared to other offshore sites. US sports bettors are therefore hopeful about its chances. Those without a personal stake in the matter are more skeptical, however, and for good reason.
We know that it’s not impossible for a company to clean up its act and make it into legal US markets. There is exactly one example of that, namely PokerStars. It served US customers illegally from the 2006 passage of the Unauthorized Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) to the 2011 crackdown known as Black Friday.
That illegal activity has prevented PokerStars from getting licensed in Nevada. Other state regulators, however, have been more charitable. PokerStars is currently active as a poker room in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan, while its associated sportsbook Fox Bet is in all of those plus Colorado.
However, PokerStars’ entry to the US demonstrated the effort required to do so. It transformed its corporate identity and went public via a reverse merger with a much smaller company. It distanced itself not only from its original owner, Isai Scheinberg, but all its executives from that era. Finally, it spent years bending over backwards to show a proactive attitude towards compliance. That’s an effort which continues to this day.
If 5Dimes has to go to similar lengths, then its Isle of Man license is only the first of many hoops. It is, however, an important step. Moreover, the speed with which it managed it should give doubters at least a little pause.

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BLOGS, Boosted Daily Legends, Daily Legends, Features, Online Poker, partypoker, Poker, poker online
Lavertos Uses Daily Legends To Build a Bankroll From Scratch

Belarusian player “Lavertos” is living proof that anyone can win at partypoker. The Deputy Director at an agricultural enterprise recently built a three-figure bankroll from zero. Nada. Zilch. How? Via our awesome Daily Legends tournaments.
Laverots began playing poker with friends in 2010 and signed up to partypoker a few years ago.
“I played for a while,” Lavertos told the partypoker blog, “but then stopped playing due to work and family commitments. I started playing again this year after talking to one of my friends. He told me you can play freerolls at partypoker without investing any money.”
One of those freerolls awarded Daily Legends tickets worth $2.20. Lavertos got his hands on such a ticket and used it to enter The Jab, a $2,500 guaranteed PKO tournament. Lavertos put his skills to the test and emerged from The Jab victoriously and with a total prize worth $310.66. We can’t wait to see how high Levertos can grow his new found bankroll.
Our Daily Legends tournaments are perfect for players like Lavertos who want build their bankrolls on a level playing field. Limited re-entry, reduced late registration, and a blind structure that allows plenty of room to manoeuvre, all add up to a fantastic multi-table tournament experience.
Daily Legends Now Come With Even More Value
The Daily Legends tournaments are now even better value thanks to a pair of promotions for you to get your teeth into.
Boosted Daily Legends runs until February 7 and sees us give away tens of thousands of Daily Legends tickets. There’s no opting in required, simply play any Daily Legends tournaments in the table below and we’ll reward you with a random prize. These prizes range from $1,000 and $5,000 freeroll entries, plus Daily Legends tickets worth up to $22!
Best of all, your free Boosted Daily Legends prizes hit your account automatically when your tournament concludes and you can get your hands on up to three free tickets every day during the promotion! (One ticket per level).

Level 1 ($1.00-$5.50)
Level 2 ($5.51-$11)
Level 3 ($11.01-$33)

The Headhunter
The Superstack
The Grind

The Five Diamond
The Terminator
The Titan

The Flash
The Mini One Shot
The Mini 300

The Brawl
The Ocean’s
The Assassin

The Deuce
The Magnificent 7
The Mini Warrior

The Double Jab
The Ninja
The Predator

The Jab

The Clasico

The Blade

The Spartan

Will You Become the Legend of the Week
The Legend of the Week is the second Daily Legends-related promotion adding value to your playing schedule. We’re paying out $60,000 worth of tournament tickets every week!
There are five leaderboards to try climb and you do so by bringing your A-game to the table in the following events Monday through Saturday:


The Double Jab & The Deuce

The Headhunter & The Five Diamond

The Terminator & The Ocean’s

The Predator & The Clasico

The Gladiator & The Masters

Head to our dedicated Legend of the Week page right now to discover the formula used to award points and the amazing prizes you can win, which include Daily Legends tickets packages worth more than $1,500!
Love poker? Join party!
If you’re ready to jump into the action, then click here to download partypoker and get started!
If you already have an account with us, click here to open partypoker and hit the tables!

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Maryland proposal could allow sportsbook at casinos and racetracks


ill 940, filed early this month by House Speaker Adrienne Jones, provides a legislative framework for sports betting in Maryland, which voters authorized with a referendum last year. The measure would allow both casinos and race tracks — which have previously battled for control over sportsbooks — to each have a piece of the action.
HB 940 is the first of what could be several proposals as legislators work to hammer out the logistics for sports betting. Maryland voters decided in November to authorize sports wagers, joining more than a dozen states that allow betting on athletics, but left most of the fine print for legislators to decide afterwards, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.
Under the measure, the state’s six casinos would be eligible for a Class A license, as well as Pimlico Race Course, Laurel Park race track and the Timonium Race Track. A Class B license would allow up to five other facilities to host sports wagering, as well, as long as they are located more than 10 miles away from any Class A operator.
The legislation opens the door to placing game-day bets at Maryland football and baseball stadiums, through partnerships with local casinos.
Mobile sports wagering — which in other states has been the busiest platform for sports betting — would be counted as a separate privilege, and both Class A and Class B operators would be eligible to apply for up to 10 available licenses. Several of the state’s casinos have already signaled this is their intention: The Cordish Cos., which owns Hanover’s Live Casino and Hotel, announced a partnership with FanDuel in 2019, and Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino recently said it has chosen British bookmaker and gaming app William Hill as a partner in its pursuit of a gaming license.
Bettors would need to be at least 21 years old and would have to place bets within the state of Maryland, whether they were wagering at an in-person sportsbook or using an online or mobile platform.
The State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission, which oversees Maryland’s six casinos, would also be the regulator for sports betting operations. The House bill leaves several significant details for the commission to decide, including the grounds and procedures for reprimanding operators, rules for sports wagering conduct, and how points spreads, odds and lines will be determined. The bill would let the commission set maximum wager amounts, as well as the amount of cash reserves that operators must keep on hand.
The Lottery and Gaming Control Commission did not have a hand in drafting the legislation, spokeswoman Carole Gentry said Tuesday.
“We’re currently working to assess the requirements and regulatory structure necessary to accommodate the current House bill,” she wrote in an email. “We continue to support the passage of sports betting legislation and are ready to offer our perspectives on potential structures.”
A separate Sports Wagering Application Review Commission, with seven members appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan, Senate President Bill Ferguson and Jones, the House speaker, would be tasked with reviewing and approving applicants for sports betting licenses.
In-person operators would keep 85% of their proceeds from sports wagering, and give the remaining 15% to the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund, which will help pay for sweeping education reforms recommended by the Kirwan Commission. The House of Delegates voted Monday to override Hogan’s veto of the education bill, which passed last session, and the Senate is set to hold its own override vote later this week.
Mobile operators, meanwhile, would retain 85% of their first $5 million, and then would be required to increase their contribution to the state, keeping 82.5% of any further proceeds.
The bill also makes mention of encouraging participation of minority- and women-owned businesses in the industry, after legislators emphasized inclusion should be a priority. The legislation would ask the Lottery and Gaming Control Commission to determine whether remedial measures are necessary to help minorities and women establish a foothold in the industry.
Horseshoe Casino announced last month that it has plans for minority investors to have an interest of at least 25% in its upcoming application for a sports wagering license.
“Diversity is one of our core values at the Horseshoe,” the casino’s general manager, Randy Conroy, said. “We’ll be actively seeking women or minority business enterprises to be our partner in this endeavor.”
The measure heads to a hearing Feb. 25 in the House’s Ways and Means committee. In order to be successful, an identical bill will need to be filed and approved in the Senate, or the House legislation will need to “cross over” and win support from a majority of senators.


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Leicester City, liverpool, Manchester City, Premier League, Sports, sportsbetting, Tottenham Hotspur
Premier League preview – Gameweek #24

The best football league in the world returns to action this Saturday and Sunday as some truly huge clashes will thrill football fans around the globe.Two of the biggest games of the remaining EPL Season take place over the weekend as Leicester City host Liverpool and Manchester City welcome Tottenham Hotspur to the Etihad Stadium.Before we tell you the full fixture list for this weekend’s Premier League fixtures, let’s look at those two games in more details and provide you with some betting odds for a couple of value bets.Leicester City vs. Liverpool (Saturday, 12.30pm GMT kick-off)A crunch clash in the battle to finish in the top four, or another walk in the park for the current champions? In recent seasons, The Reds have dominated many teams on the road and at home, but Leicester City more than anyone. Last season’s match at the King Power Stadium effectively ended the race for the title, with second-placed Leicester summarily dismissed 4-0 by the rampant Reds. A defeat would have pulled Leicester to within seven points, but instead a win from Liverpool made the gap an unassailable 13 points.This season, the clubs are even closer, with Leicester three points clear of Liverpool in 3rd place. A win for the away side would leapfrog them into 3rd place due to their already superior goal difference, but anything other than a win would likely see Liverpool drop out of the top four, with Chelsea and West Ham trailing by just a point in their wake.With Liverpool’s defence looking all over the place at the moment and manager Jurgen Klopp in a period of private mourning for his mother, who sadly passed away this week, Liverpool don’t look likely to keep a clean sheet against the creativity of players such as Harvey Barnes, James Maddison and Jamie Vardy. By the same token, Liverpool’s front line are firing again and even in their 4-1 home humbling by Manchester City, Mo Salah got on the scoresheet.Expect goals and be prepared to cash out when the time is right.Our tips: Over 3.5 goals (15/8) and Correct Score 2-2 (14/1)Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Saturday, 5.30pm GMT kick-off)This meeting between two teams in opposite form comes just two months before a Wembley meeting before the pair will decide which team lifts the first domestic trophy of the season.Jose Mourinho will be desperate for Spurs to get something from the game, not least because their top four hopes are hanging by a thread. Top in December, the Lilywhites could go into the game seven points behind Liverpool and Leicester, with this game and one more being in hand.That makes it even more vital that the North London side shut up shop and play on the break. That’s exactly what they did at White Hart Lane to win the first meeting between the two sides earlier in the season, when Steven Bergwijn and Son Heung-Min scored the only goals of the game.This time around, Spurs go into the game struggling for form, on the back of an extra time defeat to Everton in midweek and having lost four of their last five fixtures.With the away side in poor form, it would be easy to assume that City will simply cruise home, but we think it might be a lot closer. Back the half-time draw, before City manage to clinch a late win.Our tips: Half-time draw/Full-time City win (3/1) & Manchester City to win from behind (8/1)English Premier League Gameweek 23 Fixtures:Saturday 13th FebruaryLeicester City vs. Liverpool (12.30pm GMT kick-off)Crystal Palace vs. Burnley (3pm GMT kick-off)Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur (5.30pm GMT kick-off)Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Aston Villa (8pm GMT kick-off)Sunday 14th FebruarySouthampton vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers (12 noon GMT kick-off)West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester United (2pm GMT kick-off)Arsenal vs. Leeds United (4.30pm GMT kick-off)Everton vs. Fulham (7pm GMT kick-off)Monday 15th FebruaryWest Ham United vs. Sheffield United (6pm GMT kick-off)Chelsea vs. Newcastle United (8pm GMT kick-off)

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Felony Charge Added to Accused Murderer of Poker Player Susie Zhao

February 11, 2021
Chad Holloway

There was an update this week in the case against 60-year-old Jeffery Morris, who is set to stand trial for the July 2020 murder of poker player Susie “Susie Q” Zhao.
Aileen Winblad of The Oakland Press reported that the case has been sent back to the district court by Judge Martha Anderson of the Oakland County Circuit Court so that prosecutors can add a new charge of felony murder.
There will now be a preliminary exam regarding the new charge before it can officially be added.
Morris, a convicted sex offender, was already charged with first-degree premeditated murder of the 33-year-old Zhao, whose body was found badly burned and damaged on July 13, 2020. According to an autopsy, Zhao was burned alive and had been sexually assaulted.
Police in White Lake, Michigan subsequently arrested Morris following the highly publicized murder. The new charge of felony murder – which means murdering someone while committing a felony – is essentially chief assistant prosecuting attorney David Williams hedging his bet as the more charges the better chance Morris will be convicted on at least one of them. Michigan does not have the death penalty, meaning Morris faces the possibility of imprisonment for life without the possibility of parole.
Zhao was known in poker for a few deep World Series of Poker Main Event runs and occasional appearances on the live-streamed cash game “Live at the Bike.” She had reportedly moved back in with family in Michigan after spending previous years as a regular cash player in the L.A. area.
According to The Hendon Mob, Zhao had amassed $222,671 in lifetime tournament earnings, including a career-best $73,805 for finishing 90th in the 2012 WSOP Main Event.
Susie Zhao
Details of the Case
In a press conference held last year, police said Zhao and Morris met the night before the murder at a motel at which Zhao had visited on multiple occasions. At the time, police said the investigation into any possible relationship between the two remains ongoing.
They also said Zhao’s poker or other gambling activities aren’t believed to be a factor in the case.
Morris claimed that after spending time with Zhao at Sherwood Motel, where they consumed alcohol, that she left around midnight “and took all of her belongings including her cell phone with her.” However, cell phone records indicated that it did not leave the property until around 5 a.m., which is when surveillance footage revealed Morris drove to the state park where Zhao’s remains were found.
Potential evidence was also discovered in Morris’ vehicle. Also discovered were duffle bags containing an apparently-bloodied bed sheet and a wooden baseball bat. Both items are being tested at a crime lab.
Morris is currently being held without bail at the Oakland County Jail with his next court date to be determined.
*Lead image Facebook; Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

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